library of ccongress jefferson building

Founding Documents Studies

Transcripts as well as images of our founding documents
can be found in our Original Source Documents section…

Free Online Courses

Offered by Hilldale College

We are providing two free lessons from Hillsdale College concerning our Constitution as well as the Federalist Papers.

They have attained more than 500,000 subscribers to their free online course and are now (April 2015) aiming to surpass 1,000,000.

Though the lessons are free on Hillsdale College, we want to expand their exposure by sharing their material here, unedited (format will be changed to accommodate our site however).

We are rebuilding both the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers courses here for all to gain and share.

Do know that Hillsdale College has elected NOT to receive government grants nor assistance and is totally reliant upon tuitions, alumni, public donations as well as several other means — you can read more about this on their support page.

Please Consider a Donation for Hillsdale Today!

So far we are providing lectures on the following (links within each are active once populated)…

library of ccongress jefferson building

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