David Chaney – Partial Listing of Obama and Hillary Scandals, Illegal Activities, Deceptions, and Lies

David Chaney – 26-July-2016

Most forget. Some don’t.

Cash for Clunkers.

Solyndra Green Scandal.

You can keep your doctor.

We have to pass it to see what’s in it.

Your rates will go down.

Coal miners unemployed.

IRS Non-profits spying and coercion.

Lois Lerner taking the fifth.

Numerous meetings of IRS officials at the White House.

Fast-and-Furious Gun Running.

Eric Holder taking the Fifth.

Lowest labor participation rate on-going in history.

Highest on-going real unemployment rate when all unemployed are counted.

Unlawful wars and acts of war in Libya and Syria.

More deaths of American servicemen and women than the prior administration.

Suddenly, the left has no ‘anti war’ protests after he’s elected.

Over doubling of our national debt.

Constant attacks on essential liberties–of law-abiding citizens, not criminals.

Al Qaeda is on the run.

Stand down.

It was a video that caused a spontaneous protest!

It was not a terror attack (to the public).

It was a terrorist attack (to friend).

It was a video (to the parents of the fallen).

What does it matter anyway?

Lying to the American people to secure election win.

Constant race-baiting and immediately blaming police officers.

At any opportunity, stoking the flames of division, vs. finding commonality.

Investigation of Clinton for email scandal.

Deleted over 30,000 emails.

I only used one device (used multiple).

I never sent emails marked confidential (sent many).

I sent all my relevant emails (over 1200 were not sent).

Lied to Congressional investigation. Perjury.

E-mails show manipulation of Democratic party and the press to attack Sanders and Trump.

Pay-to-play scheme by Clinton Foundation while she was SOSOTUS –cash for favors.

Pay-to-play scheme during campaign fund-raising promising key government roles and other positions of influence.

And it goes on and on. This is collectivism 101 of the Obama and Clinton genre.

Tomorrow, I will be able to add more scandals, illegal activities, deceptions, and lies to this list, as sure as the sun will rise.

Carry on… but never, ever, forget.

DM Chaney “Thoughts on Liberty” (Drafts)

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