Hello and thank you for visiting my blog Forfeit Liberty, Forfeit All

As this blog is an extension of my character, this blog follows the Judeo-Christian principles put forth by the Holy Bible.

A saint I am not, none of us are — aspiring for spiritual perfection does not make anyone perfect.

But that aspiration does sharpen one’s character and wisdom, most of which is accomplished through reading, researching and conversing about the Holy Bible.

Not just any Bible either — I use the Bibles written in the Greek, Latin, Hebrew and Aramaic languages to research and study the principles and laws which our God has laid forth through our time here on earth.

Given the Progressive trends of social expediency during the last 50+years, as well as the control they have had in permitting what content does and does not get to be presented for purchase by our education system, these principles won’t be found intact in school books and textbooks they have approved for use today — most likely, they would be found in the books and textbooks of character they don’t approve.

For following these principles, which can be found through various resources, I highly recommend starting with original source documentation (explanation) such as found in archive.org.

For Biblical referencing, I highly recommend the ISA software — Interlinear Scripture Analysis — as found on the Scripture4All website (you can read more about them here).

Any published content pulled from original source documents will find such documents in one of our pages — with such page providing a transcript as well as the largest possible image of such original source document (which will open in a second window when requested).

Do know I delve into as much research as possible through these original source documents — not through textbooks, not through the latest best sellers, nor through the latest person in the historical limelight unless such sources are rich in references to original source documents.

Anything you desire to challenge, by all means, challenge — be sure you have your original source documentation to support your challenges well.

In agreement with George Washington’s viewpoint, I pursue our Judeo-Christian principles then pursue patriotism — in the final day, one honor will far outweigh the other.

Guest posting is always welcome — constructive counterpoints will be presented as debates and editorials. Feel free to leave a comment in any of the posts if you wish to provide content.

Comments are always welcome — with the discerning editorial rights remaining with truly yours.

Sincerest regards,
Garrett O’Brien

sunrise on liberty

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