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Google, Chrome User? 5 Simple Steps to Replace Either or Both

This post is off topic but necessary to discuss and share…

We have changed our default search engine a while ago and very rarely use Google Search.

We have also replaced Chrome with an alternative.

If you want to keep using Chrome but want to use a search engine that

1 – doesn’t store your personal info

2- doesn’t follow you around with ads

3- doesn’t track you… ever…

we recommend or

Just remember, you are already acclimated to Google, Yahoo, Bing or whatever you use and you will need an adoption period to warm up to them — nothing really big to adjust to, just adopting to how the new engine functions.

If you have others to recommend, by all means, please share your experiences in the comments section below.

How to change your Chrome default search engine

1 – Visit the Search Engine you wish to use

2 – Right click on the Search Bar.

3 – Select “Edit Search Engines…” in the drop-down menu.

4 – In the “Other search engines” list, select the search engine you just visited.

5 – Select “Make Default” to set your preferred search engine as your search provider

Why Use an Alternative Browser to Chrome

Chrome can still track anything else you do besides searches — there is this thing called ‘cookies’  (as well as other means) to track where you go.

There are alternatives that use the Chrome open source code — as Chrome is open source, developers are free to modify the code as they desire. they have blocked Google from knowing much of anywhere you go on the web, even though they still use the Chrome database to get your information.

What the alternatives have done is to block Google from knowing much of what you are searching for, as well as what results you received, even though they still use the Chrome database to get your information.

How? It’s like that employee at an amusement park and you want to ride their latest and greatest whatever — the employee has to make sure you measure up in certain criteria (height, weight, etc).

The alternatives do the same thing – if it is personal info, ad related cookies, anything but the information you requested, then it does not leave your machine nor arrives there…

Which bascially puts Google into a closed box for alternative search engine and alternative browser users.

Here’s a link to a list of alternatives

From this list, we have been testing out the following and have seen a drastic drop not only in advertisements everywhere, we have also noticed a drop in our spam email (we receive more than 4000 emails a day — with the percentage of spam dropping from near 40% to less than 10% in less than 2 months)…

Comodo Dragon (Chrome base)
Comodo IceDragon (Firefox base)
Opera Neon (concept browser – lacks plugins but dang the thing is fast!)

Our audience uses more than 13 browsers so we are always trying theirs out as well as expanding our experiences with others as we see them.

Of the list, we are partial to Vivaldi, Opera, and Opera Neon

Let us know your experiences with any browser in the comments!


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