2016: The Worst Year for Your Privacy

In a post title ‘2016 Year in Review: The Worst Year for Your Privacy, ever, a review of the top 10 incidents that backup that title are presented.

This post is provided by Mark’s Corner of the MeWe blog and you can read the details are in the post, however there is an on-going theme…

10. Google
09. Snapchat
08. Uber
07. WhatsApp (bought by Facebook)
06. Facebook
05. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Geofeedia
04. Facebook
03. U.K. government
02. Google
01. Facebook

And with an ‘honorable’ mention: Yahoo!

Given this list, are you still trusting Facebook to be the detector of fake news?

Where’s the wisdom in that trust?

Keep falling for things like that and you’ll definitely be trying to sharpen a knife with a sponge and eventually blaming the sponge for not doing what you believe it should be doing in the first place…

It’s not the sponge, it’s your beliefs.

These companies – and the 1 government – are consistently failing to protect the liberties of the general public.

Liberty, once lost, has never regained – and never will be regained – by any sovereignty.

It took only one generation to lose it all for the sake of convenience, lack of discernment, and/or shear arrogance.

Besides being vigilant to protecting our liberties, what are our choices?

1. Forfeit all our liberties by defaulting them to those on this list as we have been for the past decade or more…

2. See what other options there are in the ‘Social Media 2’ platforms such as MeWe, Minds, Joindiaspora, Seen.life, VK, Voat, Gab, Vid.me, Vimeo… ‘Search 2’ sites like StartPage, Gibiru, DuckDuckGo… ‘Browser 2’ applications like Brave, Vivaldi, Firefox (TorProject for the technically inclined)…

Also, toss in Infogalatic in place of wikipedia…

Snopes? Seriously, give me a break — you’re still being told what to think instead of how to think…

Above all, stop accepting everything you hear, even what you believe now.

Qualify, verify what you believe now – and what you hear, read every day.

Develop trusted sources that does not rely upon filtered information.

Stop using your emotions as a comfort zone and start learning how to assess, ascertain, discern…

For more than 50 years, our education system has failed us in all these skills, either lose them or claim them…

As long as you are willing to learn, it is a process – and knowing how to assess, ascertain, discern are teachable.

Everything we do and believe as adults is on the seed we are giving our children…

Stop accepting the watering down of reality bye political correctness, start learning how to think instead.

“We can’t solve our problems by using the same thinking we used to create them.” ~ Einstein


img credit: MeWe.com

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