Confirmation: Hillary Lost It In More Ways Than One

Bob Unruh, of published a post focused on Hillary and the events just before and during the end of election night.

There is no other way to put, all stories of Hillary being a witch with a capital B are now confirmed as true.

Podesta, Mook (Hillary’s campaign manager), the campaign staff, even Bill were not exempt from her hatred wrath.

Bob’s opening paragraph confirms the environment was way more than tense leading up to election day…

Ed Klein, former editor-in-chief of the New York Times Magazine and bestselling author of the book “Guilty As Sin” about the Clinton political family, says Bill and Hillary had a screaming match only days before her election loss that ended with Bill Clinton throwing his phone off the roof of his penthouse apartment in Arkansas.

Ed’s report was published by the London Daily Mail,

Apparently her rage was preceded by the premature celebration of popping open champagne along with some sedatives she was given by her doctor… only confirming even more that Hillary never had control of much save control itself throughout her campaign.

Though she never gave her concession speech until the following day, to her credit she did call the now President-Elect Donald Trump to congratulate him — in most elections, that is a tough call to make, in her case she made it even tougher on herself by consistently ignoring the voices around her.

You can read WND’s report, Hillary ‘Physically Violent’ After Losing here as well as Ed Klien’s report to in the London Daily Mail here.


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