We All Can Do This But How Many Will?

There is one principle most do not understand about liberty — and strangely I have heard some and seen some veterans demonstrating that they do not understanding this principle — is this:

If we, as a people as well as a nation,
fail to protect the liberty of those who are our enemies,
those that we hate,
even those with whom we disagree,
then we all will without a doubt lose both our liberty as well as our freedom.

Our first Amendment protects free speech within our country. It doesn’t reach into other countries as our Constitution is not for globalism but for nationalism – our nation.

Not for globalism that limits rights as well as removes liberty altogether as it threatens its existence — but for the benefits and protection of sovereignty that globalism cannot provide.

Our 1st Amendment also permits that speaker to display whatever level of intellect or lack thereof they so ever desire to demonstrate…

Lucky for us, we have very strong examples of great intellect, great wisdom and great inspiration…

George Washington, James Madison, John Adams,
John Q Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,
James Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy,
General Patton, President Eisenhower, General John Mattis,
Ben Carson, Bret Baier, Paul Harvey,
Zig Ziglar, Mike Rowe…
your mother, your father,
your aunts and uncles,
your grandfathers and grandmothers…

And then we have the likes of Colin Kaepernick with his mindless actions that attract just as mindless followers who would rather dishonor those whose lives earned them as post in the Arlington National Cemetery and instead of offering solutions, offers to lower the bar of character…

Where we focus is where we end up…

Whose voice we listen to, who we consider a hero, whose counsel we pursue…

We cannot change what we tolerate…

Colin is permitted to have his demonstration — everyone is permitted to have their demonstration — through our First Amendment.

However, anyone’s lack of discernment hardly means just because they can doesn’t mean they should.

And supporting that lack of discernment is just as revealing about the supporters as well as Colin.

We have a problem with character not just in the U.S. but everywhere — and it’s not going to get fixed by standing in line with the likes of Colin Kaepernick or anyone else with just as much lack of discernment.

We can correct the problem by holding ourselves as well as others accountable and responsible for their loose tongues, lack of discernment, lack of character, permitting the bar to be lowered instead of raised…

We can — how many will?



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