The Legacy the Clinton’s left in Vietnam.

If you want to know where someone is heading, a good place to start is in their past… And ask yourself these 3 questions…
– whose voice were they listening to then and whose voice are they listening to now?
– who were there heroes then and who are their heroes now?
– whose counsel did the seek then and whose counsel do they seek now?

The answers to these 3 questions will tell you more than they are willing to admit — or even know about themselves for that matter…

Captain Terry M. Hestilow, USA, Retired provides a good view of what the Clintons followed 50 years ago — you determine what has changed… and what has not…


To most of the generations voting in the elections this year Bill and Hillary Clinton had no history prior to his election as president in November of 1992.  But to a great many of their own generation 389104_3469045575715_734217820_ntheir history goes much further back in time to when they were both university undergraduate and graduate students during the time of the Vietnam War.  I am one of that generation.

I know that most Americans today understand, for all intents and purposes, practically nothing of Communism.  Of course, some who have studied political science, history, and economics in school may have some exposure to the political and economic aspects of the liberal assumptions of the supposed benefits of Communism; but even then, few have been taught the truth of the poverty and destruction the system has brought to every country that has been deceived into adopting it as a system of government.

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