What We Need to Do Now No Matter Who Wins the Election

2 Chronicles 7:14 starts with 3 simple words that sets a very strong qualifying condition…

If… my… people…

Now, God did NOT say…

IF Donald Trump
IF the Never Trump advocates
IF Hillary Clinton
IF Bill Clinton
IF the RNC
IF the DNC
IF the NRA
IF the Congress
IF the President
IF the Supreme Court
IF the Senate
IF the governor
IF the mayor
IF the city
IF my neighborhood
IF my friends who think like me
If my family…

God said plan and simple….

If… my… people…

Our location
our government
our situation
anything we cannot control
anything we can control
everything we don’t like
everything we do like
is NOT included in the 3 words

If… my… people…

God placed the onus on you…
on me…
and as a collective,
as a people…

HIS people…

As long as we hold onto

whatever is ailing us
whatever is troubling us
whatever is bothering us
what we don’t like
being critical
being judgement
whatever else we like to hold onto just to prove we are right…

God can not and
God will not be able to heal our land…

God will not be able to heal you

God can not go to work on what ails us
until we follow HIS instructions,
not our feelings
not our own rules
not how we perceive ourselves
not definitely not on what we feel like doing otherwise…

And our feelings are strong on many things…

“… if my people,
who are called by my name,
will humble themselves and
pray and seek my face and
turn from their wicked ways,
then I will hear from heaven, and
I will forgive their sin and
will heal their land.”

I am amazed at how many I have talked to everywhere about this verse for the last few years and how now that they are being tested, the only thing that matters is their feeling, their principles, their perspective their… whatever…

How can anyone humble themselves while taking any of these positions?

Humility requires faith, those positions require doubt — when has doubt ever provided a better destination that faith?

What will matter in the end when our own Judgement Day arrives is
how we reacted,
where we choose to focus
what actions we took
what words we used
what condition we permitted to live within our hearts
how we held ourselves accountable
how we held ourselves responsible

Our character will mean everything — not the character, or lack thereof, of anyone else…

However before that day comes, we have a lot to correct for which we will be held accountable and responsible, and
that includes what is happening with this very election…
That includes our Second Amendment as written (and not as implied by others)
That includes the safety of our law enforcement
That includes giving our military everything they need to do the job they enrolled for — to protect our nation…
That includes reversing Roe versus Wade…
That includes a changing a government that is pro-Muslim and anti-Israel as well as anti-Christian…
That includes reintroducing ourselves to the Bible as well as our families, our community…
That includes removing guns from government agencies that have not business that requires a gun…
That includes allowing small businesses to operate without having comply to government regulations that are straining their resources and limiting their growth…
That includes pushing back on those that want to do harm to us — domestically as well as internationally…
That includes allowing an environment to exist where we can once again have the freedoms and liberties our Founding Fathers and our Constitution has proclaimed are our inherent rights…

If what is happening with this election is getting you all riled, then have your hissy fit, have your emotional outbreaks if you want…
but put a time limit on it before it consumes you
And it will, you know that it will.

Then get focused on what matters most…

If, that is, you want to be or are one of His people…

The Motivation for this Post

Trey Gowdy talks much about this in the convocation he gave to Liberty University – it is very well listening to at least the edited version (14 minutes)

For the unedited version (34 minutes)…

Click here for the Melian Dialogue reference by Trey…


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