Why You Don’t Know SQUAT About Our True History

And Why Most of It Is NOT Your Fault!

Do you recognize these names?

  • Peter Salem
  • Prince Whipple
  • James Armastad
  • Wentworth Cheswell
  • Frederick Douglas
  • Limmel Haines
  • Benjamin Baneker
  • Joseph Hayne Rainey
  • Hiram Revels

You may know of some of them, but do your really know who they were and what influence they had on

  • the founding of our country?
  • the victories were able to gain during our war for independence?
  • the warnings they gave to future black generations?
  • the building of our new nation?

Why Is This Important to You and Why Should You Care?

There was something I discovered while studying at the local public library during high school.

I loved that library as there were books of all kinds, and many as old as the city as well (which was established in 1649).

Yes, I was a bookworm  — then and now.

Bookworm — the preface to the geek and nerd serfdom that would surface later.

I always had (and still do) have an intense curiosity on what our history was truly like and this curiosity was driven by a game we used to play as kids.

We all formed a circle (all 25 or so of us) and the teacher would read what she had on a piece of paper and whisper into one child’s ear — this child would then whisper what they heard to the next child who would do the same to the next until the message had come full circle.

The first time we played this I wasn’t surprised what was shared vocally wasn’t even close to what I heard and was even further than what the teach read to us what she had whispered.

As we played this several times, I noticed a pattern — once the message went full circle, what was shared vocally was never the same as what was originally written — comically so at times, but still never the same.

Which got me thinking about writers of books: if a writer is using the writings of others to write their own thoughts and opinions in a new book, wouldn’t we be playing the same game in slow motion with the content as well as the context of our own history as well as world history?

How many writers would actually go back to the original source to see if their thoughts, opinions, content as well as context was indeed focused on what was really written and/or said centuries before?

This discovery shattered several of my beliefs enough to want to not only test those on our history but nearly all my beliefs as well… OK, all my beliefs.

I didn’t know how as I was only 7 or 8 years old at the time — and my original thoughts were a lot simpler than what I shared above.

Nonetheless the seeds had been planted with me and they were never to be shaken free.

This intense curiosity was sealed one afternoon while at that library, nearly 10 years later.

While wanting to take a break from my studies, I started glancing at some of the older books that were readily available — we’re talking about books from the mid-1800’s old type of books.

What I had been studying and researching for our senior term paper was also in one of the books of which I was curious.

Imagine the surprise and confusion when the old book didn’t have the same context as the U.S. history textbook as well as other resources I was using — it was so different I was not sure I was really reading about the same country.

Will get more into this later as this post is the first of several that will be categorized as true U.S. History in this blog.

I will also get into why I can claim ‘true U.S. History’ at its word in this series.

Glenn Beck got into the same topic a while back and I just recently discovered someone had the program recorded on YouTube.

You can see this program in the following 4 videos, providing about a 10 minute segment each and they will give you a glimpse of what I will be getting into with this series.

When this program first aired, I was probably only one of a handful of people in the viewing audience that knew most of and was familiar with what was being shared.

I will say many of the colleagues of those in these videos attack not only them but their ideas — but I also know I have already read most of what they were sharing and after reading what their critics had to claim, the men in these videos have more solid evidence than any of their critics.

If you find anyone attacking you and your ideas, then they are trying to bring you down — most of the time they want to take you down.

Which brings up a question: ever notice your enemies talk about your past and your friends about your future?

Here are the videos…

Part 1

9 minutes

Part 2

11 minutes

Part 3

11 minutes

Part 4

10 minutes

Full Version

52 minutes



click for larger image

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