The Right Does Have Answers on Guns, Mr. President. By Dennis Prager

Barack Obama says,

“Our gun supply leads to more deaths.
The GOP has
no plausible alternative theory.”
White House Press Conference

Seriously Barack?
Probably because you have an agenda that we don’t want to listen to — this his highly evident given your track record for the last 7 years…
Denis Prager (Prager University) sums everything up in one nice package for all anti-gun, pro gun control, pro gun free zone people…
And who should these people call when there is a problem?
Someone with a magnum credit card?
Or perhaps a six-shooter cell phone?
Seriously, I thank God He didn’t make brains out of dynamite — there is no way these people would be able to sneeze…
Bud Bromley was kind enough to post Denis Prager’s article in his blog after I saw it on Bud’s facebook wall…
Share your thoughts after reading it as well…
[ shortly after this post, Harvard University’s Journal on Law & Public Policy had a very interesting study, you can discover what they had to share by clicking here ]


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On the assumption that there are good and bad people on both the right and the left and that everyone is horrified by mass shootings, how is one to explain the great divide between right and left on the gun issue as it relates to these mass murders?
Why does the left focus on more gun control laws, and why doesn’t the right?
One reason is quintessentially American. Most Americans believe that it is their right — and even their duty — to own guns for self-protection. Unique among major democratic and industrialized nations, Americans have traditionally believed in relying on the state as little as possible. The right carries on this tradition, while the left believes in relying on the state as much possible — including, just to name a few areas, education, health care and personal protection.
A second reason for the left-right divide is that the left…

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