A Message for the Millennial Generation [REBLOG with commentary]

Normally, I wait until the weekend to post and then schedule the publications during the week — however this topic is not only important but urgent so it warranted taking some time and effort to get this published now.

With the majority of the GOP backing down on their word so early after the elections, it has become apparent that only a few of the GOP are really worthy to be called a conservative — Britain First (formed in late 2013) has been so assertive and successful in their strateges that it has made the Tea Party look like a social club more than anything else.

Whatever happens, a revival of the GOP (doubtful at this point), or a new political party (aka, the devil we don’t know), one thing is MOST apparent to those that know what worked in the past as well as what made our country so successful on so many levels so early in its existence…

In his General Orders of 2-May-1778, George Washington wrote the following…

While we are zealously performing
the duties of good citizens and soldiers,
we certainly ought not to be inattentive
to the higher duties of religion.
To the distinguished character of Patriot,
it should be our highest glory to add
the more distinguished character of Christian.”

Bud is right, we need a new political party — and though most would believe we don’t have the talent to do so, I believe we do as there are many privately funded liberal colleges like Hillsdale College that have taken upon themselves to be free of any government influence.

Many of these colleges have sought to study from original source documents to avoid the influence and filters both time as well as Progressivism have placed in our schools and textbooks.

Such an exercise in studies challenges many of the beliefs of entering freshmen who end up graduating with the means to debate soundly and effectively against those that have been indoctrinated by today’s Progressive education system.

But all this patriotism is not enough…

Without something bigger, even now, our country will fail.

Many are already wallowing in so much secularism that they deny any blindness to their plight — they can’t see the forest for the trees.

If you are unfamiliar with that phrase it means someone is focused only on small details and fails to understand larger plans or principles.

And principles is the key word — ask most and they would have an extremely tough time even with Google recognizing true Judeo-Christian principles our country was founded upon.

Most Americans believe in God, but so doesn’t the devil — what you won’t find the devil doing is establishing a relationship with God, which is exactly the same thing most in our country is doing right now…

Take all this into consideration as you read Bud’s excellent post…

It is high time, or we could be looking back and finding out it is too late…



With respect, many of us older folk were called classical liberals by our philosophy professors when we were in college. My views have not changed, but the views and ideals of many of my college friends certainly have blown with the wind. Today, college professors call me right wing. Politicians call me libertarian, though I have never voted or registered for that party. I seem to be walking in the same direction as before, but most people are now coming at me instead of walking alongside.

I and most of my friends in college and grad school and even several years later at war or working, we knew that the federal government had no role in drugs, sex or rock n roll. We knew that any war should be declared by Congress. The government tear-gassed us, shot at us, trampled us with horses, drafted us or made it difficult…

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