Trust Doesn’t Come from Demanding Respect But From Commanding Honor

When people present themselves as moral leaders on any platform at any level, their actions automatically commit them to living by a higher standard…

Which means their actions weigh even more than their words than they did before speaking up…

And when actions are hypocritical as they come, have not those actions only proven the validity of the argument for their counterparts?

Or have not those actions proven the owners lack the wisdom and intelligence to present their argument?…

Some people that present themselves as moral leaders believe they have to demand respect and everything else will fall into line afterwards…

And that attitude is as backwards as it comes.

The only path to commanding honor

starts with humility,

for humility begets respect,

which in turn begets honor…

This path builds a trust that, at first is delicate, but becomes somewhat solid later on.

I say somewhat as once that trust is broken, it is like smashing a fine china tea cup: IF you can put it back together it will never look the same, feel the same, and it definitely won’t hold what it used to…

Trust has to be constantly earned, as does honor as well as respect — and to keep maintaining the command of this requires a constant exercise of humility.

Which is the problem those that demand respect as they have a hard time understanding all of this — like Obama, Hillary, and Holder.

They prefer the demand route, which will get them some level of respect but hardly ever honor, at least not true and lasting honor.

And they will never have the trust that could have been gained if they had only learned how to command honor — but then again, it takes a certain character that has the discipline to build that trust, a character none of them seem to be interested in.

Which is the biggest reason why we really shouldn’t be interested in any of them either, save to keep our enemies closer than our friends.


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One thought on “Trust Doesn’t Come from Demanding Respect But From Commanding Honor

  1. Reblogged this on budbromley and commented:

    …”humility begets respect which begets honor… all of this builds trust… Do this any other way and it becomes a demand for respect which destroys any and all trust — and is nearly impossible from which to recover.
    Something of which many are not aware as well as many need to learn — fast…”


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