Part of the Solution? or Part of the Problem?

Everyone’s viewpoint is correct to everyone who agrees with it…

That hardly makes anyone’s viewpoint (as well as those that agree with them) factual and true.

There are a LOT of facts that are overlooked and ignored in order to fit an agenda both in reports / stories as well as the comments that follow them — and just because we FEEL our comments are the truth, how many of us have verified substantially they are truthful?

Basing our belief system on feelings, the MOST fickle of things, is like building a house on sandy soil as opposed to something solid.

Has not all this caused more friction and not lessen it?

The more everyone embraces a belief system that has a poor foundation, the harder that system is going to come crashing down around them, all the while they keep blaming others for what they set themselves up for in the first place.

It’s ironic we are in the age where more information can be at had faster than anytime in the history of mankind — today, one issue of nearly any publication contains more information than most learned in a lifetime before the web.

It escapes so many that so little is done to search for the events and situations that lead up to an event and thereby expose and share the truth.

Instead, most will elect to do the same thing politicians do — which is what they hate about politicians in the first place:

take a situation and make it fit their agenda by appealing to the masses through their emotions…

Think about it…




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