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Liberty Requires Vigilance…

is only the first step of

All our
senses, knowledge and wisdom
hones and strengthens
our ability to be vigilant
without being overwhelmed
by worry…

By building on our senses,
our knowledge and our wisdom,
while learning the art of verification,
our vigilance becomes that much stronger…

The art of verification?
This wasn’t an art
until our school systems
stopped teaching
Not to mention
many parents stopped
teaching such
as well

The schools stopped doing such
as it meant
they had to admit
there is a God.
Parents stopped doing such
as their parents
and their schools
stopped doing such…

Now, without God in our schools,
our children learn their morals
from only their family,
who have learned theirs from



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We have more information available to us
than any time in recorded history…
Yet we have so little to account for
in character, morals, and ethics…

Where we focus is where we end up…
Where we spend our time now
determines what we have in the future…
Who we listen to,
What we listen to,
Who we honor and don’t honor…
Who we respect and don’t respect…
Is mostly determined by our humility
Or lack thereof…

Hear what you heard…
See what you are looking at…
Test what you believe…
Verify what you have received…
Let your yes be yes, your no be no…
10 minutes of solitude
every morning
seeking the voice
of the One who created you…

True vigilance cannot exist without all this.

And without all this
we may just end up forfeiting liberty once and for all…


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